The transport of perishable and frozen goods with our vehicles (all containing one or two regime refrigerators) is carried out all over Europe, in Scandinavian countries, Balkan states, and the former countries of the Soviet Union. In addition to transports with our own vehicles and of our subcontracted hauliers, we are able to use the vehicles of all associated companies within the HSF Logistics Group, the fleet of which includes approximately 600 refrigerated vehicles.

In addition to the usual transport of temperature sensitive goods, we perform the following special transports:
•    meat on hooks
•    flower transport
•    simultaneous transport with two regime refrigerators
•    express transport which requires two drivers
•    transport of pharmaceutical goods
and the organization of assembly transport.

All shipment information is available to our clients at any moment, which is made possible by our crew and the technical equipment of the vehicles.

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The storage of frozen goods and meat on hooks is possible in our storage centres in Germany (D-49434 Neukirchen-Voerden) and in the Netherlands (6541 Nijmengen, 7102 EN Winterswijk).

The company plans to construct a modern storage and logistics centre in Lopata near Celje, Slovenia, which will enable to our clients not only to store their goods but to also distribute it just in time.

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40 modern refrigerated vehicles (EURO 5 and EEV) are equipped with the latest telecommunication technology (GPS, GSM, SMS, Track & Trace System) which enables the continuous tracking of their location and the status of the goods. Our collection of cold storage lorries includes trailers, multi-compartment trailers and articulated vehicles with a loading surface for 33 euro pallets.

All the transports are carried out by our own vehicles or by other subcontracted hauliers. They are always carefully chosen and fulfil all quality standards.

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About us

Pišek & HSF Logistics was established in 2006 as a product of the synergies of two already linked companies: Pišek Peter s.p., established in 1987, and HSF Logistics Ltd., Netherlands. Its headquarters is in Celje, Slovenia. Its registered activity is the international carriage of goods by road.

Today, Pišek & HSF Logistics is a well-known Slovene logistics and transport company with sixty employees. It is the logistics junction of the HSF Group in southern Europe, and the geostrategic position of Slovenia enables transport connections between Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and Balkan countries on one side as well as Hungary and Italy on the other. For this reason, the company may become a transport hub in the future.

Our strategy is based on our partners’ long term experience and the business excellence of the entire HSF Group. However, it is oriented to constant new professionalization with the goal of becoming the top service provider of package logistics solutions.

The transport of each pallet, of frozen or fresh goods, within north-eastern and south-western Europe has finally become a reality.

The construction of a new distribution centre and a modern cold store in Slovenia in the near future will give the network of HSF companies in England, Benelux, Germany, Scandinavian countries, and France a unique possibility to take over an important part of European refrigerated transport.